Choosing MBA for your billing needs allows more time for what you do best – taking care of patients. Our experienced billing professionals will handle your accounts with accuracy and expertise, ensuring the maximum return for your practice in a minimum amount of time.

Choose MBA Medical

Customer Service

You’re more than a number. As your service provider, we’re committed to setting the industry standard for customer service. Our clients are assigned a specific account representative who understand the needs of their practice. Call if you have questions. We’re happy to talk.


Are you capturing every charge you’re entitled to? Are you ignoring revenue opportunities simply because you think the billing process is unworkable? MBA offers your practice customized billing solutions for your specialty. We’ll start by reviewing your current billing procedures with an eye towards missing charges, and then we’ll create a system tailored for your needs. Customizing our industry-proven solutions to your specific practice requirements sets us apart from our competitors.


Partner with experts. Revenue delayed is revenue unearned, that’s why MBA is committed to providing the most efficient billing services in the industry. Our staff is certified, highly trained, and kept up to date on changes in the industry. The results are clear – MBA’s average number of days in A/R is nearly half the industry average.

Increased Profits

Put our experience to work for you. The costs of running your own billing operation can add up. Partnering with MBA allows our clients to take advantage of our specialized expertise. Outsourcing your medical billing allows you to eliminate hidden costs, and concentrate on production while someone else concentrates on collecting. Practices that outsource their billing typically save 3 to 5 percent over the cost of handling their billing internally.