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Ever since MBA Medical Billing Services was founded more than 30 years ago — with just two employees and a single client! — we’ve built our reputation through word-of-mouth recommendations. Today, we have a staff of over 30 people, and we serve more than 130 clients throughout the medical profession. We handle millions of dollars in accounts receivable every month.

One of the ways we stay at the forefront of our profession is by continuing to evolve along with the healthcare industry and the technology that powers it. MBA offers an increasingly diverse range of solutions to help clients adapt and thrive to changing conditions in the healthcare marketplace.

Anesthesia Billing Services

MBA understands the specific challenges associated with anesthesia billing and practice management. Since anesthesiologists spend much of their time in the hospital, they have limited access to the billing and business operations associated with their practice. With such a chaotic schedule, it can be hard to think about billing and coding while still delivering anesthesia services. Because of this, we aim to provide our clients with the most support possible. 

MBA’s initiative to help hospital-based providers has been designed to streamline the three-way information exchange between the physician’s practice management system, the hospital systems, and the physician. 

The first objective is to ensure that any one piece of information related to a particular case should only be entered once. To do so, we utilize a program designed by Kansas-based PHI Software — a practice management system that imports patient and case information from the hospital while also offering an interface for physicians to enter additional case information independent from the hospital system. Not only does this save time, but it helps to avoid any issues in the operating room. 

Our new practice management system interface incorporates a variety of options for providers to utilize, including an internet portal, a computer-based program, and a smartphone application.

Another crucial aspect of our practice management system is the ability to provide physicians with remote access to important information about their cases through the physician interface. Aside from providing valuable reporting capability, this also allows providers the ability to confirm that their services have been billed correctly and ultimately get paid correctly. If our clients provided their service without medical billing, they would ultimately have to close their practice. Our systems provide our anesthesiologists with the peace of mind they need to deliver the best care possible. 

Our new custom-designed PhyGeneSys practice management system is the platform for all of MBA’s expansive array of business solutions for anesthesiologists and other hospital-based providers. After much deliberation and collaboration with PHI, we are confident that we have created a powerful platform that will provide effective solutions to the problems that have plagued the anesthesia billing process and other hospital-based providers for years.

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MBA Medical provides billing and consulting services for anesthesiologists in all 50 states. Call us today to speak with one of our anesthesia billing consultants.

Why choose MBA? First and foremost, choosing MBA for your billing needs allows more time for you to do what you do best – taking care of patients. Our experienced billing professionals will handle your accounts with accuracy, expertise, and in a minimum amount of time, guaranteed.  

At MBA, we’ll treat your business as if it were our own. And we’ll treat you as more than just a number. We’ve set the industry standard for customer service. Our clients are assigned a specific account representative who works to understand the needs of their individual practices. Our staff will capture every charge to which you’re entitled, and we’ll alert you to any revenue opportunities that you may be missing. This tailored customer service experience, personally performed by our experienced staff is just one of the many ways that we support our clients. 

Best of all, MBA provides customized billing solutions precisely tailored to the needs of your specific practice. Our ability to identify industry-proven solutions for your specific practice requirements is one of the many things that sets us apart from other billing services.

Contact MBA Medical today and let us fill you in on the details of these and other premium billing services. Specifically, we are experts across a wide range of medical billing specialties, including but not limited to neurosurgery, medical practice management, medical IT services, medical SEO (search engine optimization), contracting, and credentialing.

Simply put: We do it all, and we do it better than the rest.

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