Medical IT Services

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult for practitioners and medical offices to keep up with changing technology. However, relying on traditional methods for medical billing and data storage is proven to slow patient care. In fact, reduced productivity actually costs your practice more money as inefficiencies pile up. With our medical IT services, you can improve overall patient care and save money.

“We have had an incredible relationship with MBA Medical since our company started back in 2011. Chris Phillips, CEO made a sight visit to our facility and made several helpful recommendations. He recommended that we start doing Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks and that we also implement our medical records on to a central server. Chris worked with our IT department and was able to implement this process for our company. Chris and his staff are very attentive to our needs and frequently answer our questions on the same business day. Chris and his staff work with our staff and help us complete our credentialing and are always working with the insurance companies to increase our reimbursements. I would highly recommend MBA Medical for your billing needs. We are completely satisfied with them.“
– Jeff Molter, CRNA

Electronic medical records

Electronic health records are often a favorite of patients because, with this system, medical records follow them when they see different specialists, go to different hospitals and even when they cross state lines. This technology lowers the rate of medical mistakes and helps patients keep track of when they’re due for check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations.

Patient management: Integrated patient management systems give your clinic, hospital or practice the ability to manage claims, schedule across platforms and share medical notation to better provide for your patients. These features reduce medical errors as well as costs associated with chart pulls, re-filing and transcriptions.

Network security for medical practices

Medical office networks store highly sensitive information, so it’s imperative that they have strong network security measures in place to protect patient privacy. Some medical IT features of effective systems security include:

  • System firewalls: Firewalls serve to protect your internal system against malicious attacks and unauthorized access.
  • VPNs and access: Virtual Private Networks allow you to connect to your practice’s internal system over a secure connection.
  • Cloud services: Keep track of all your electronic medical records on the ‘cloud.’ This allows medical practitioners to access patient records quickly and securely.
  • Virus protection: Protect your network and computers against common online threats, from spyware to email phishing and more.

MBA Medical Services is committed to providing quality medical billing services, medical practice management, and medical IT services. Give us a call and speak to professional about improving your clinic or practice’s day-to-day efficiencies today.