Medical Consulting Services

Whether your medical practice is struggling to turn a consistent profit or is doing well but could tighten up on a range of inefficiencies, our medical consulting services work to boost the profitability of your office. Every practice is faced with its own set of unique challenges and room for growth. With our consulting services, we’ll identify those areas that can improved upon to ensure your practice is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Medical Office Consulting Services

Staying on top of best practices when managing a medical office is a full-time job, one that many practitioners don’t have time for. This is where our medical consulting services come into play. We’re committed to providing proven solutions that combat inefficiencies and lost revenue so that your medical office can run as smoothly as possible and charge full-steam ahead.

The first step in tightening up the operations of a medical office is conducting an audit. Our goal in auditing your medical practice is to identify inefficiencies, roadblocks to success and opportunities for revenue growth. We’ll share our findings with you and present a set of recommendations meant to improve billing processes, modernize your office with proper coding techniques and improve overall profitability.

One of the most common areas of inefficiency in medical practices occur in the main office because it’s the entry point for new and returning patients. From overloaded phone lines to appointment no-shows and more, medical offices are often overwhelmed by patient communications. This often leads to errors, delays and frustration for both practitioners and their patients. In cases like these we’d suggest a range of solutions, such as creating automated reminders that notify patients of their appointment, and setting up the appropriate number of phone lines so that potential patients don’t fall through the cracks.

“Columbia Anesthesia Group (an anesthesia group of 60+ providers) has been a client of MBA for over 18 years. I have personally interacted with Chris and his team for over 10 years and have consistently been impressed with their integrity and drive to take care of our business as if it were their own. They’re always willing to go the distance on service! I have and would continue to recommend them for medical billing and business needs.”  

-Greg Connell MD

Medical coding

Ensuring the proper medical coding is uniform across your practice is critical for industry compliance and reducing billing delays. Through a coding audit, we’ll identify providers that may be under- or overcoding. In addition, implementing correct coding practices is an effective way to find and document any past services that may have not been billed.

Portland medical consulting and billing services

MBA Medical is proud to have served the greater Portland, OR area for the last 20 years. Contact us today to see how we can improve the profitability of your medical practice through proven best practices for the industry.