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MBA provides superior Washington medical billing services for our 130+ clients. But, what does this entail exactly? We handle our clients’ medical billing and collecting procedures so their medical practice can do what they do best – provide quality health care to their patients.

‘Besides freeing up time for our clients, MBA optimizes the efficiency and profitability of the billing process.’

We have designed an initiative that eliminates redundancy in data entry and paperwork. This means that not only will you see a quicker turnaround on your receivables, but there will be a significant decrease in billing errors. And since billing errors often lead to incorrect payments, there is money left uncollected. With our medical billing services, you will get higher returns, with fewer mistakes, in less time.

Full-service medical billing and patient account management

Let MBA take the worry out of the billing process. We offer complete A/R management services from the time the patient first walks into your office, to the time their statement is received. Our staff will analyze your billing procedures, data, and paperwork, and custom design a solution for your practice that best suits your needs.

Dedicated account manager

In addition, our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who understands the needs of their practice. Being given one-on-one service from the onset of our relationship helps our clients find peace of mind knowing that they are building a report with someone who will understand their billing needs intimately. Rest assured that you can go to your account representative at any time with your questions or concerns.

Patient balance collections

MBA Medical also offers comprehensive collections services. We’ll monitor patient accounts and identify those who fail to make regular and adequate payments. MBA will take steps to contact delinquent account holders through phone calls, and collection letters. If all else fails, MBA will provide outside collection agencies with all information necessary to clear that debt.

Online Patient scheduling

Double-booking patients or having a crowded lobby at your facility is never a good look. Incorporating online patient scheduling into your practice will increase efficiency and improve customer service. MBA can help make this transition seamless and painless with our practice management solutions.

“I have worked with Chris Philips and MBA since leaving academic and Kaiser practice and going out on my own. I was frankly ignorant of billing, collections, and the business of medicine and Chris and MBA have been invaluable taking so much of the burden off of me and letting me just practice medicine. I can’t recommend them more highly.”
-Richard Polin, MD

Customizable reporting

As an MBA client, you’ll receive regular production reports that include the count, total charges, total payments, and total adjustments for each procedure billed during the month. We’ll also provide a summary of each month’s accounts receivable. If you require more information, MBA will work to develop customized reports to fit your practice’s Washington medical billing needs.

Encounter form design

Well-designed encounter forms are the first step in reducing data entry and coding errors. MBA can review your encounter forms to ensure that codes are active, descriptions appropriate, and the most common codes are included. We can also design customized forms to fit your specific requirements.

Fee calculation

Determining the proper fee for your procedures is a vital component in running a successful practice. MBA will help you assign correct Relative Value Units (RVU) and conversion factors for all your CPT codes. Being able to charge the correct amount, working with reimbursements, and other cost determinations will make sure you – and your patients – are getting the correct information.

Procedure and diagnosis coding

Our medical coder professionals are proficient in industry-standard Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classifcation of Disease (ICD) codes, volume 9 (ICD-9), and the CMS rules that govern them.

The rules and regulations in the healthcare industry are always changing. That means you need a dynamic medical billing service that can evolve with you and your practice. For more than 20 years, MBA Medical has put together a proven track record of alleviating medical practices of the burden associated with medical billing while maximizing their returns in the process.

If you’re looking to outsource your medical billing and coding services, why not go with a medical billing company that has a proven track record? In addition to updating your coding system and investigating denied claims, MBA Medical will process medical claims, oversee revenue cycle management, and handle insurance company claim submissions.

You’re in the business to provide patients the medical care they need, whether it’s an annual checkup, to diagnose pain, or any number of other procedures. Why get tied up with claims processing or figuring out how to charge for services rendered? With MBA Medical, you’ll spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients.

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