Medical Billing Services in Portland, Oregon
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MBA Medical Billing | Portland, Oregon

According to the Institute of Medicine, medical practices could be losing $30 billion a year due to incorrect coding practices. For many practices, annual changes in coding and other regulatory processes are forcing health care professionals to spend more time in the business office than in the exam room.

You became a doctor to practice medicine, not to investigate billing errors or track down late or delinquent payments. But as an independent health care provider in Portland, how much time do you spend every month doing just that? Let MBA Medical Billing Services take care of those administrative tasks while you take care of your patients.

Medical Billing Services in Portland, OR

For more than two decades, MBA Medical Services has been helping Portland health care professionals manage their medical coding and billing practices. Managing payment cycles, improving reimbursement processes, and streamlining billing procedures are just a few of the ways we help practices stay focused on patient care – not unpaid bills.

There is no one process or program that works for every practice. MBA Medical takes the time to learn about your office, your specialties, and where your pain points are occurring. From there, we’re able to design solutions that fit your specific needs.

The healthcare industry is facing increased costs, an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and technology that seems to evolve on a yearly basis. It can be a full-time job just to stay up to date on these changes, taking you away from your patients.

MBA Medical services can help. Either by training your medical office staff or handling the management side of your practice, we’ll improve your revenue cycle management, cut down on billing errors, and reduce the amount of time spent tracking down reimbursements. All of this will allow you to see more patients and increase your bottom line.

We provide a wide range of other services as well. We have more than 25 years of experience dealing with anesthesia billing, neurosurgery billing, practice management, and bookkeeping. And while we’re well-versed in standard practices used for years, we also keep an eye towards the future.

Medical IT services keep your business up and running and medical SEO consulting helps potential patients find you in a crowded online marketplace. We help practices with credentialing as well as provide overall consulting services for the office as a whole. It’s a holistic approach that benefits all aspects of your office.

Work With The Experts

Growing from two employees more than 25 years ago, MBA Medical Billing has a staff of more than 30 people all working towards the same goal: improving your practice. Using the latest technology – along with tried and true processes – we have access to more information than ever before.

We understand that as a healthcare professional, it’s hard enough keeping your practice afloat, much less growing your client base. With MBA Medical, let us help you with business paperwork so you can focus on patient charts. We consult with hundreds of healthcare professionals as a medical biller, working with insurance companies and patients alike.

Need the services of a certified professional coder? Are you having issues with updated billing processes or upgraded coding programs? Working in a medical field can be stressful enough without having to deal with inconsistent, or just plain incorrect, medical billing and coding. Contact MBA Medical to see how we can help.