Types Of Medical Billing Services

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Medical Billing

Billing errors are a huge drain on practice resources, particularly if patients are underbilled whether through coding errors or fee schedule miscalculations. Our full-service medical billing services include proven processes that reduce errors, speed up claim payment, and strengthen profitability. Our patient collections process takes a strategic approach that identifies troubled accounts, contacts patients through a range of mediums, and offers flexible terms to help patients pay their bills.


Anesthesia Billing

Anesthesia billing faces its own unique set of challenges that are not familiar to billers of other specialties. We employ experts with many years of experience billing anesthesia, affording our anesthesia clients a rare peace of mind in an otherwise turbulent industry. Our transparent processes and detailed reporting provide our clients a level of clarity, understanding, and involvement in their billing operations that, when combined with our service and expertise, creates an experience that is unrivaled by any other anesthesia billing service.

Neurosurgery Billing

Neurosurgery billing has undergone so many changes to regulations and rules in recent years that it’s become even more difficult for neurosurgeons to be paid fairly for their procedures. MBA is proud to wield its influence and expertise in this industry so that our clients are compensated quickly and correctly for the incredible work they do. With us tackling the reimbursement side of healthcare, neurosurgeons can invest more of their valuable time and energy into the care they provide.

Medical Practice Management

We’ll take an in-depth look at your office’s inefficiencies and redundancies to provide medical practice management recommendations that address those common roadblocks found in healthcare. Because regulations governing the industry are always being updated and changed, MBA is committed to providing thorough medical practice management services that evolve with the industry. We’ll also assist your practice in assigning the correct fees for CPT codes and review payer contracts to ensure you’re receiving accurate payments.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is critical to the survival of a medical practice. Beginning when a provider is engaged to treat a patient and ending when all of the services for that patient have been fully paid, the revenue cycle is the respiratory system of a medical practice; when it isn’t functioning properly the other systems begin to fail. MBA can improve your revenue cycle and help your practice breath freely by protecting against denied payments, underpayments, or slow payments that deprive a medical practice of the revenue it needs to survive.

Medical IT

Medical practices are dependent on technology in order to operate on a daily basis. Furthermore, those systems contain health information that practices are legally obligated to protect against the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime. It’s critical to a practice to maintain efficient functionality and data integrity in their systems, as well as implementing a wide range of security features to protect patient privacy. Learn Moe


From weekly payroll to accounts payable, cash flow forecasting and quarterly reporting, MBA’s bookkeeping services expertly handle back office and administrative operations and free up your staff to tackle other pressing issues. Accurate bookkeeping, forecasting, and cash flow are crucial to a healthy medical practice and MBA are here to help you with them.

Medical SEO

Medical SEO services help your office be found by a large online audience that’s looking for practitioners just like you. We partner with local agencies to provide you with top-tier keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimization and local listing management. An improved SEO presence for your website translates to more online form fill outs, phone calls and a greater influx of patients walking through the door.

Medical Billing Consulting

It can be a challenge to know where to begin when looking to modernize your medical office. Our comprehensive consulting services include an in-depth audit to identify inefficiencies in daily processes within both front office and back office operations. We can review your processes, diagnose the problems, and recommend solutions that will move your practice forward.


MBA can facilitate conversations between insurance companies and practitioners. With our long work history (over 25 years) we have the billing experience that is in your best interest. We are a go-to credentialing expert for medical providers at all levels of the process.