We take the stress out of medical billing
so you can focus on providing
outstanding treatment.

Medical professionals have enough on their plate.
Let us handle reimbursements so you can devote your time
to what you do best: Providing exceptional medical care.

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With more than a quarter-century in the industry, MBA Medical has the tools and expertise to ensure your medical billing is operating at its highest capacity and efficiency so you receive every payment you deserve. 

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Our medical billing processes boost revenue streams for medical practices while taking that burdensome workload off employees.

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Anesthesia Billing

Anesthesia billing faces its own unique set of challenges that are not familiar to billers of other specialties. We employ experts with many years of experience billing anesthesia, affording our anesthesia clients a rare peace of mind in an otherwise turbulent industry. Our transparent processes and detailed reporting provide our clients a level of clarity, understanding, and involvement in their billing operations that, when combined with our service and expertise, creates an experience that is unrivaled by any other anesthesia billing service.

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Neurosurgery Billing

As the billing process for neurosurgeons becomes further complicated with new regulations and changes, relying on accurate medical billing is increasingly crucial to the profitability of their practice. MBA is a trusted authority in neurosurgery billing, and we are eager to wield our influence and expertise in this industry so that our neurosurgery clients are compensated quickly and correctly for the incredible work they do.

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Cardiology Billing

Simple medical coding errors, unfulfilled debts and incorrect billing are huge drains on the overall efficiency of a cardiology practice. MBA Medical handles many of the daily burdens that weigh down so many practices in the ever-changing healthcare industry, so providers are rewarded for their services and their focus can be kept on caring for their patients. Our services provide assurance that you receive every payment you're owed as quickly as possible.

MBA Medical is committed to providing accurate, timely, and cost-effective medical billing services so you can rest assured that you are being paid appropriately and without undue delay. We are mutually invested in the profitability of your practice and its ability to provide extraordinary care to its patients.
MBA Medical Office Building in Vancouver WA
MBA Medical Office Building in Vancouver WA