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Search engine optimization is all about attracting the right online audience to your business. For medical offices, SEO works to bring an influx of new patients and make your practice known in the community. That being said, medical search engine optimization is a full-time job that most doctors and medical practitioners don’t have time for. That’s why we work with a local digital marketing firm, Webfor, to help us expand.

For any medical office, a fully optimized and intuitive website that attracts new users and converts them into loyal patients is critical to long-term growth. By ranking high on search results and targeting the right audience, medical SEO services pull in more leads and bring more patients to your door.

Medical SEO services we provide

How do you tell if an SEO strategy is working? Increases in booked appointments, more phone calls or online form fill outs, and a growing pool of new patients are signs of a medical SEO strategy that’s working exactly as it should. We offer a range of SEO packages to fit the needs of each medical office. Here’s an overview of some the SEO services we provide:

On-page optimization

Competitor analysis

Keyword research

Schema markup

Local listing management

Conversion rate optimization

Analytics reporting

“I have worked with Chris Philips and MBA since leaving academic and Kaiser practice and going out on my own. I was frankly ignorant of billing, collections, and the business of medicine and Chris and MBA have been invaluable taking so much of the burden off of me and letting me just practice medicine. I can’t recommend them more highly.”

-Richard Polin

SEO copywriting

Content that’s written with both audience and search engines in mind is part of any successful medical SEO strategy. Content provides important information about your practice, from the services you offer to company branding and answers to commonly asked questions. Another crucial purpose of good copywriting is to indicate to search engines what your practice provides to patients. This information improves keywords rankings and allows the website to appear higher on search results, ensuring that your practice is found by a larger relevant audience.

Medical website design

Website design is more than making a site look good. It’s actually part of a larger strategy Webfor implements to encourage conversions and build upon medical practice branding. When prospective patients enter a website, first impressions are everything. A frustrating or less-than-impressive medical website design will turn your target audience away, typically to a competitor with a superior online experience.

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