Paper checks and virtual credit cards are popular payer-to-provider payment options for clinics around the country, but there is a better way. Transitioning to EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a somewhat new requirement for health plans. This is similar to a direct deposit of paychecks that is often used by employers.

What is it?

ACH EFT is a convenient and efficient fund transfer tool that offers payer-to-provider payment. It is processed through the secure ACH network.

What are the benefits of using ACH EFT?

There are a variety of advantages to using ACH EFT, especially when compared to paper checks and virtual credit cards. Here are some of the top reasons why a transition to ACH EFT can benefit your practice:


  • It allows you to avoid shifts in payment processing costs. – As a physician, payment processing costs are put squarely on them with the use of virtual credit cards. ACH EFT eliminates incorrect payment structures by keeping more contractual payments with the physician.
  • It saves money and maximizes payment amounts. – ACH EFT does away with manual processing and depositing of paper checks. It also helps you avoid expensive virtual credit card fees which can sometimes be up to 5% every time you make a payment. Standard ACH EFT fees are only about $0.34 each transaction.
  • Removes manual processes which translate to saved time and money. – Doing everything by hand takes time and eats away at your budget. Paper checks and virtual cards need administrative processing, but ACH EFT payments are instantly posted to the provider’s bank account. This eliminates the extra processing step.
  • Reduces fraud – Fraud costs doctors and their patients millions of dollars every year. But with ACH EFT payments, they’re simply posted right to the bank account over the secure network. This means there is less risk of stolen checks or fraudulent credit card use.
  • Simplified transactions – ACH EFT payments allow for simplified payment reconciliation when used in conjunction with the electronic remittance advice portion of the transaction.

Work With Medical Billing Experts

Not sure how to transition to using ACH EFT for your practice? Or maybe you know it’s time to get started but need some help getting this setup and running smoothly for your office. Contact our professional and experienced team at MBA Medical and we’ll help provide the additional information you need to get started.