Medical providers have a lot to think about. Knowing how to find the best medical billing company is just one of them.

Fortunately, this decision doesn’t have to cause too much stress and anxiety. There are some straightforward and basic questions that can be asked to find the best medical billing company for your needs.

What doctors need is a partner — a company that can be relied upon to take ownership of the billing portion of the medical practice. For medical practitioners, it’s wise to consider the following.

How To Find The Best Medical Billing Outsourcing Company

Here are some fundamental questions to ask right away. The answers to these questions will help inform your decision. Medical billing companies should adhere to — at minimum — these absolutely essential industry practices.

You don’t want to outsource your medical billing to just anybody. You’ve worked hard to build up your practice, so it only makes sense that you should partner with a billing company that is solid, professional, rigorous, and compliant with all applicable laws.

  1. Is the medical billing company HIPAA compliant?
  2. Are they up-to-date on billing codes?
  3. How experienced is the staff?
  4. How many clients do they have?
  5. What kind of software do they use?
  6. Do they have a history of delivering on their promises?
  7. Will they provide useful and insightful reports? Will they be monthly or quarterly?

The first two items on that list are critical since they will establish whether or not the company you’re considering can handle the basics. HIPAA guidelines protect patient and provider privacy, so you don’t want to work with a company that has a history of running afoul of the rules.

As for coding, it’s important to find out whether or not the billing company is not only up-to-speed on medical coding practices but is also able to prepare for the inevitable updates. Some, like the ICD-11 update, which is up for adoption in 2019 and may go into effect in 2022, can add tens of thousands of new codes to the standards.

Regarding clients: Depending on your particular situation, it may be worthwhile to consider how many clients your potential medical billing partner has. This will provide some insight into how well they manage their client base. But it will also give you an idea of how responsive the billing company may be. Will you get the personalized attention you deserve and demand?

Medical billing outsourcing companies provide a wide range of services to a wide range of clients. However, this may mean that you have to wait to hear back from them when you have a question that’s urgent. How do they respond to your requests to escalate a concern or question that you have?

Technology is changing the medical billing world. Every day brings new software features and challenges. How does the company respond to these changes? Furthermore, since much of today’s computing is done with cloud-based software and servers, does that mean you’ll have access to the information you need when you need it?

MBA Medical

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