Your medical practice is a busy place and staying up to date on the various requirement and regulation changes is important. ICD-10 transition issues are common, and if you know what they are, you can avoid them and strengthen productivity and support the growth of your practice. Here are some of the main ICD-10 transition issues and how you can resolve them.


Proper ICD-10 training is key. It’s very detrimental if your staff is not properly trained. There are several options when it comes to having your staff trained on all of the ins and outs of ICD-10, including classes at local community colleges, seminars, conferences, or online courses. With proper training, claims are processed faster and your practice has the opportunity to see an increase in revenue.

Have proper resources in place.

Transitioning to ICD-10 is a timely process that requires planning, attention to detail, and proper training. As your practice transitions, plan ahead as much as possible to make up for the time that it takes to learn the processes of ICD-10. If there isn’t proper planning to resource the transition, your office sees a loss of productivity, and patient care is compromised.

Keep the momentum going.

Once you have transitioned to ICD-10, you’re able to maintain the momentum you’ve started by having a solid database that collects and stores important data. There are incentive programs that help you make sure the cost of switching to the new coding system is as affordable as possible.

Avoid payment delays.

Avoiding payment delays is key, so to keep this from happening, doctors need to be trained extensively to code everything accurately. Also, office staff will need to follow-up to make sure that codes are entered correctly. Billing systems should also be reviewed regularly so the claims can be processed quickly and, if there are issues, they should be documented right away. This allows for quicker processing and a reduction in payment delays.

When it comes to your medical practice’s coding and billing procedures, details and efficiency count. For over 20 years, we have worked to make each client’s medical billing process streamlined. Looking to transition to ICD-10? Our trained professionals are qualified to help get your office on track to transition successfully. Read about how our medical billing management services at MBA Medical have worked for hundreds of clients around the state.