Do you use Allscripts’ MyWay physician software to run your practice? If so, you’re probably well aware that you will have to convert to a different Allscripts system in order to meet meaningful use guidelines and be ICD-10 compliant by 2014.

Last month, Allscripts announced on their blog that they are offering a “free upgrade program to migrate all MyWay clients to a new converged platform that leverages the Professional Suite.

In plain speak, this means that development of MyWay as a stand-alone product has ceased and you will need to convert to the Professional Suite EHR software. While this conversion is “free,” it is also mandatory unless you want to be non-compliant with meaningful use guidelines and ICD-10. If you do stick with the old platform, Allscripts will continue to support it.

The prospects of having to convert (upgrade) to a new system has some medical professionals frustrated and concerned. While Allscripts has assured its customers that the MyWay feature will be integrated into the upgraded platform, there are obviously additional features to be learned. This leaves many MyWay users concerned about the time and costs associated with learning a new system and training their staff all over again.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the proverbial sharks are smelling blood in the water. Competitors are slyly offering their own free upgrades. For instance, Aprima Medical Software has labeled their effort as The MyWay Rescue Upgrade Program™.

Some of the benefits Aprima is touting include minimal-to-no downtime and learning curve since MyWay began as Aprima 2008. Your existing data will remain intact and you will not have to buy new software.