If you work in the medical billing field, you know that efficiency and paying attention to details count. Looking for software solutions that can serve your practice’s unique needs? Here are some highly-rated medical billing software programs that can help your business, as well as the different benefits that each one provides.

5 Medical Billing Software Solutions For Your Practice

#1: Flash Code

This is a publicly available platform that offers high-performance medical billing and coding applications. It offers interoperable modules that can be combined to generate various applications. It also provides a helpful mechanism that will allow users to customize code functionality without changing the original design. The in-built test framework combines with regression tests and runs on platforms to verify the codes.

#2: Insta HMS

For those that work in the hospital and health center billing and coding sector, Insta HMS can be a great license-free software solution. The software integrates a unique feature that reduces the need of duplicating information entered. This will save employees time because they will know that the information won’t need to be duplicated. In most cases, you and your employees should be able to use the program with proficiency within two months.

#3: Waiting Room Solution

This is a software platform that will allow doctors to communicate with the patient, input data in a timely manner, enter claim submissions, and improve the overall efficiency of the office. It can be used in a variety of medical centers and is a core piece for FQHC billing as well as medical practices that have specialized billing requirements.

#4: Allegiance MD

This has been named a leading web-based medical software program and aims to serve small and medium organizations as well as ambulatory services all over the world. The program provides a practice management function that assists inefficient billing and scheduling. Other features include an e-prescribing and a built-in reporting system.

#5: SOS Office Manager

This is a comprehensive solution for behavioral organizations and other medical practices. Once you input information into the system, the software will routinely produce statements, host accounting and management reports, and provide insurance statements. It can work as a standalone software platform but the program integrates well with SOS Case Manager as well.

Let Us Help

If you’re looking for ways to cut time but increase efficiency, using one of these state-of-the-art software platforms is something you should consider. Internal processes will improve and you will minimize the cost of outsourcing medical billing services. Let MBA Medical get your office up and running!