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Oregon Medicaid to Use CCOs Later This Year

Oregon Medicaid will begin using coordinated care organizations (CCOs) instead of their historical fee-for-service model for paying physicians beginning later this year. The House approved the Senate Bill 1580 in mid-February.Under the legislation, signed by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, it will create new regional CCOs, which will each be responsible for looking after Medicaid patients in their area.Kitzhaber believes the plan will improve care and reduce costs.“With today’s vote, the Legislature set Oregon on a path for a better health care system that saves public dollars. This is good for patients, good for the state budget, and good for business,” said Governor Kitzhaber in a written statement.

Congress Passes Bill to Delay Medicare Payment Reduction

On February 17, Congress approved a measure to avert a 27 percent reduction in Medicare payments that was set to occur at the end of the month as part of their Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). The bill delays the impending cut in Medicare pay rates for the rest of the year.

The House of Representative voted 293-132 to pass the bill, and the Senate passed it by a 60-36 vote on the same day. The compromise made it necessary for legislators to find other areas to cut in the federal budget, since the Medicare payment cut amounts to $18 billion. One of the ways it will be made up for with cuts is certain provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including taking $5 billion from a $15 billion fund designed to pay for programs to prevent chronic disease over the next 10 years.

The bill also cuts over $4 billion in Medicaid disproportionate share hospital (DSH) payments, which compensate teaching hospitals for treating some of the sickest patients in the medical system.

CMS to Reevaluate ICD-10 Timeline

All of the protests against the ICD-10 implementation deadline appears to be paying off.

Acting CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner just told reporters, after speaking at the American Medical Association Advocacy Conference in Washington, that the CMS will “re-examine the time frame” for implementing ICD-10 through a rule-making process. Tavenner did not say when the process will start, but that it would be made public when it does.

“There’s concern that folks cannot get their work done around meaningful use, their work around ICD-10 implementation and be ready for exchanges,” Tavenner said. “So we’re trying to listen to that and be responsive.”

There is cautious optimism in the leaders in the healthcare IT community.

Meaningful Night Out Presentation and Slides

We would like to thank everyone who attended our Meaningful Night Out presentation. The focus of our presentation was to acknowledge that adopting a certified electronic health record system can seem overwhelming. Furthermore, the process of attaining the $44,000 to $64,000 per doctor in incentives the government offers as part of the HITECH Act is equally intimidating. We hope the presentation was valuable in clarifying the process of accomplishing both of these tasks. I have posted the slides from our presentation here for you to review when it is time for you to take on these challenges.
Whether you are only now beginning to shop for a certified electronic health record system that fits your practice, or you have already adopted a system and need assistance getting your incentive money from the government, MBA Medical Business Associates would be happy to provide you with advice without charge. Should you need us to undertake any of these processes for you we are also willing to discuss the fee for doing so. Feel free to contact our office anytime.
Please remember these few points when moving forward:
  • Getting your incentive money from the government is a means to accomplish your goal of utilizing an electronic health record system, not the other way around
  • Utilizing an EHR is a reward in itself as it improves your practice efficiency, increases your revenue, and improves the quality of healthcare
  • When choosing an EHR
    • Find a system that fits the individual needs of your practice
    • Choose a system that can be easily modified, even after you have gone live on the system
    • Choose a EHR vendor who has assets and will be around for a long time
  • Utilize as many of the features of your EHR as you can. Not only will this go farther to help you demonstrate meaningful use, it will also improve the way your office functions
  • Learn how to get you a return on your investment, and utilize outside resources if necessary
  • Use your system and cash your checks

Practice Management

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Practice Management

  • Anesthesia Billing
  • Full-service medical billing
  • Patient account management
  • Encounter form design
  • Patient balance collections
  • Learn More


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